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In modern cars, the air conditioning unit is as much as part of the vehicle as the wheels. It’s not a luxury anymore, but rather a necessity, given the rising temperature and not so infrequent heat waves. At Premier Tyres Plus, we ensure that your car’s AC is up to the mark in its cooling standards.

We are the foremost garage for AC repair and Air Conditioning Recharge in Willenhall. We perform all our services, including AC recharge, in the timeliest manner and at the most customer-friendly prices.

Best in the business AC services

The basic working principle of a car’s AC is not too dissimilar to a standard home AC. Its problems are also quite similar. The most common issue that you are likely to face is that the AC fails to blow cold air as it used to. At times, you may even experience hot air blowing from its vents.

9 times out of 10, it indicates that the coolant level in the system is critically low. At Premier Tyres Plus, we have an able team of technicians who are adequately trained to carry out AC refills in Willenhall. It’s a relatively inexpensive service which we typically perform in less than half an hour.

There are many self-help kits available in the market with which you can go ahead with yourself at home. However, our experts advise against it as the expense is somewhat similar, but there is a significant risk of botching it up, which in turn may lead to a massive repair bill. So, it’s best that you bring your car to our service station whenever you need air conditioning recharge in Willenhall.

It is also possible that the issue goes deeper than just low coolant levels. For example, fungus growth inside the vents is another common issue with car ACs which results in a pungent smell inside the cabin. Our technicians have the expertise to diagnose any such underlying problem and take corrective measures against the same.

Say goodbye to your car AC problems

With Premier Tyres Plus in Willenhall, you can get all your AC related issues sorted under one roof. Bring your car to our garage and take advantage of the most professional AC refills in Willenhall.