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Your car’s battery is one of its most essential parts, and you can ill-afford to neglect it. Given how cold the United Kingdom gets in winters, battery damage is not unheard of. Despite its prevalence, battery care is something that many car owners tend to overlook. That leads to an escalation in battery service costs later.

Our facility- Premier Tyres Plus - is one of the best facilities for car battery in Willenhall. We store new cells for all makes and models of cars available in the United Kingdom.

Signs of battery damage

Before a battery becomes completely dysfunctional, there are specific indications. Here are some of the most crucial ones to remember.

  • Repeated ‘check engine light’ flashes: While it is fairly common to have the ‘check engine light’ flashing, repeated instances might indicate something is wrong with the car’s cell. Our experts warn that if there are more than 2 flashes in an hour, it is necessary to seek a new car battery in Willenhall.
  • Slow engine cranks: It is one of the first signs. If it takes too many attempts to start the engine, it means that the engine is low on cranking power. The battery is unable to send enough juice to sustain ignition. It is advisable to go for professional assistance in case of such situations.
  • Low battery fluid levels: Most new car cells have a transparent part located on the exterior from which the fluid levels can be seen. Most modern vehicles sport master cylinders with transparent bodies, making it easier to keep a check on the fluid levels.
  • If you notice the fluid levels have fallen too low and are near the lead plates inside, it is time for a new car battery repair in Willenhall. Fluid top-ups are also a course correction, but replacements are better.
  • Bloated battery casing: A cursory visual inspection will reveal if a battery case is bloated or swollen. If it is visible, it is dangerous to use the unit. Bring your vehicle at once to our facility- Premier Tyres Plus.
  • Old age: Most passenger car batteries last for 3-5 years. Service life can be stretched but not by much. If your car’s cell is older than 3 years, it is time for professional check-ups. Else, you can always contact our facility for superior advice on any working day.

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Your search for a facility which offers car battery repair in Willenhall ends at Premier Tyres Plus. We provide very reasonably priced service sessions besides selling new units. You can contact us for more details and book an appointment to skip the queue.