Tyres Bilston

At Premier Tyres Plus, we invite our drivers' community in the Bilston area, to check out our extensive collection of tyres from renowned brands like Goodyear, Michelin, Bridgestone, etc. The tyres we have in our store are of high quality and long-lasting. Our collection of tyres has made us one of the largest retailers for tyres Bilston and Willenhall. Our dedicated team of experts knows exactly what tyres will suit your vehicle the best.

Our customer base has grown more and moreover the years because most of our customers recommend our services to their friends and family. Don't just trust them; try it out for yourself before reaching any conclusion.

Car Tyres:  We provide an extensive range of tyres to choose from. Our tyres are specially handpicked from the world-famous brands like Dunlop and Bridgestone that have their own fan-base. We know that here in the Willenhall area the weather is capricious; therefore, we provide a range of different tyres to fit your need for maintaining safety and performance in every and any weather condition. Our winter tyres are particularly chosen to provide higher traction and better stopping distance; the treads are equipped with special grooves known as sipes, responsible for gripping the snow better. The summer collection is made to provide high performance and comfort on the dry roads.

Wheels Maintenance: When it comes to saving on tyres, maintaining your wheels is a must. Wheel alignment and wheel balancing will ensure a better life for your tyres. They are also responsible for providing higher safety and stability due to the lesser wearing of tyres. Performing these maintenances will help you get a better fuel efficiency for your car too. Lesser fuel consumption will further mean more savings.

MOT test and Repairs: We are proud to be one of the genuine MOT test centres in the Willenhall. Our MOT test is transparent and has no hidden motives. If your car actually fails an MOT test, then we too can get your failed part repaired here in our servicing facility. It will save you from the discomfort of going to a different garage for the repair service and then coming back for MOT Bilston.

Other services that we provide:

  • We provide fast-paced puncture repair services that will help you get back on the roads as soon as possible.
  • Brakes are the first line of defence and hence, maintaining them is essential. We can change your brake linings along with refilling it within no time.
  • With our suspension services, you will feel profoundly comforted while driving your old car.
  • We can also replace your old dull wiper blades with a new one, along with the headlight bulbs to maintain the intensity of the light at an optimum level that is essential for you and your fellow drivers' safety.

If you are looking to buy a new set of high-quality tyres, then your search ends now. Bring your Bilston car to us, here at Willenhall and we Premier Tyres Plus will show you our collection of tyres.

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