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Proper and professional car servicing sessions done on time ensures that a vehicle’s life increases over time, besides resale value and performance. Also called a tune-up, car servicing is a highly professional job which requires immense skill. At our facility- Premier Tyres Plus in Willenhall- we have a highly skilled team of qualified technicians who can quickly and efficiently service your car.

We are the best garage for car service in Willenhall, and we customarily receive a lot of repeat visits from our clients. Our car service packages are priced competitively and cover all aspects of your vehicle.

Our car service package

Scheduling a car servicing session depends on a lot of different aspects, including driving behaviour, make and model and driving conditions. Our technicians focus on the following aspects:

  1. We replace the engine oil and replace it with an equivalent amount of fresh engine oil from the most reputed brands.
  2. Our technicians replace two very important components: the oil and air filters. These parts are not repair-friendly and need outright replacements.
  3. Our car repair in Willenhall changes the spark plugs as well. These units must be replaced at regular intervals to provide better overall performance.
  4. We also check and ensure that your car’s clutch and brake fluids are in proper shape and in the correct amounts. Our facility stores these fluids from the most reputable and OE-grade manufacturers.
  5. When you bring your car to Premier Tyres Plus, we check the condition of your car’s wheels. If the tyres are worn out or in need of repair, we will replace them with your chosen brands. We also store and retail a wide range of tyres for our customers.
  6. Our technicians also ensure your car’s automatic or manual transmission fluid levels are correctly maintained. It makes us the best car service garage in Willenhall.
  7. With a fine comb, our technicians ensure that the parts often overlooked- like cracked mirrors and fused lights- are fixed or replaced.
  8. Our team is also capable of checking any error codes that your car’s ECU may generate, and we ensure timely delivery of service. Our car repair in Willenhall is extensive and covers a lot of ground.

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