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engine diagnostics

An engine diagnostics at Premier Tyres Plus can potentially point out thousands of issues plaguing your car. Our technicians can diagnose these issues with the help of Diagnostics Trouble Codes (DTC) which the OBD-II registers in its memory.

The OBD-II has been around for nearly two decades. It is a self-diagnosing mechanism which monitors every essential component of a car. If any component emits readings which are outside the pre-set parameters, the OBD-II registers a fault code corresponding to that issue.

It is at this point that our technicians come into the picture. We have the technological know-how and mechanical expertise to ‘read’ these codes which will help us determine what’s wrong with your car. You can then avail our class-leading services to repair or replace the said part in no time. In other words, we are your safest bet as far as engine diagnostics in Willenhall is concerned.

Engine diagnostics inside out

Automotive technology has progressed by leaps and bounds in the past few decades. Engine diagnostics is a result of such advancements. Today, our technicians don’t even have to open the bonnet to determine what’s wrong with your car. It can be done just by taking a reading of the DTCs using diagnostics software.

We will attach our computer to the OBD port of your car and take an accurate reading which will tell us the exact point of malfunction. However, engine diagnostics in Willenhall does not tell us what the problem is. It merely points out the component which is emitting signals out of its pre-set parameters.

Once we know where the problem lies, our technicians can get to the root of it and determine exactly what the problem is. We will then repair or replace the relevant part according to the requirement.

High on quality, low on price

As one of the leading garages that perform engine diagnostics in Willenhall, Premier Tyres Plus understands how many motorists are reluctant to avail this service in fear of spending too much. Rest assured, our engine diagnostics service is as pocket-friendly as it gets.

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