MOT Repairs

As you must already be aware, Premier Tyres Plus is a prominent MOT test centre in Willenhall. Apart from taking the test per DVSA regulations, we also perform pre and post-MOT repairs in Willenhall that’ll help you clear the test with minimum fuss.

To understand why MOT repairs are necessary, one must understand the framework of the test itself first and what happens when one fails to clear it.

What happens after an MOT?

During your annual MOT test, technicians at Premier Tyres Plus will thoroughly inspect every component as mandated by the DVSA. If we find that any of those are not in their optimal condition, we will register the fault in one of the following three categories:

  1. Minor
  2. Major
  3. Dangerous

You are clear to go if all the faults come under the ‘Minor’ category. Although the defects will be mentioned in your certificate, they won’t amount to MOT failures. You are free to repair such defects at your convenience.

The roadmap for vehicles which register ‘major’ and ‘dangerous’ faults are slightly different. In such instances, we will issue a VT30 or ‘Refusal of MOT’ certificate. Your car won’t be legally considered roadworthy under such circumstances.

In case of ‘dangerous’ faults, you have no other option but to repair the concerned parts at our garage itself. Cars with ‘major’ faults are free to take their car to another garage for repair, but they can’t drive freely until the defects have been rectified.

There are two approaches that you can take during your MOT schedule to ensure your car’s roadworthiness.

  • Pre-MOT check: Our technicians will check the condition of all the essential components of your vehicle and ensure that they adhere to the required parameters. We will perform any necessary repairs for the same.
  • MOT repairs: You may also avail our MOT repairs Willenhall after the test. Since we will already know what the problem is, our technicians can repair it in no time and ensure that your car is fit for the streets.

Effective repairs at affordable prices

Premier Tyres Plus is well-known for its competitively priced and efficient MOT repairs in Willenhall. Book in your appointment today and avail the most advanced MOT and related repairs in these parts.