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puncture repair

Premier Tyres Plus carries out reasonably-priced tyre puncture repair as per British Standards. Our facility can deliver you top-end puncture repair in Willenhall in strict accordance with the BSAU159, the Standard that lays down which leaks are repairable, and which are not.

Since a vast majority of drivers will unwillingly suffer the consequences of flat tyres at least once, our services can help them overcome the same provided the issue is in or around Willenhall. We have technicians who work with a smile, and who use the latest technology to repair such issues in a jiffy.

When are tyre punctures repairable?

The British Standards has strict guidelines on the reparability of punctures. Here are the key issues:

When the leak is within minor repair area: A tyre’s surface is divided into two large overheads: minor repair area and major repair area. Of these, we can only service leaks which fall in the minor field.

It excludes the central 3/4th section of the tyre and the sidewalls. Since we use an air gun to fix leaks, these areas will be severely damaged if technicians try to set them. At our facility, we will warn you of the consequences that might follow if the major repair area restriction is breached.

  1. When it is not a run-flat tyre: Run-flat tyres are not repairable. While it is true that run-flat wheels have a lot of advantages, with the major one being that they can run despite suffering a puncture, it still damages the sidewall significantly. With damaged sidewalls, a tyre’s structural integrity is also compromised. We will give you fair warning if your wheel cannot be repaired.
  2. If tyre condition is good: Proper maintenance of a wheel is also crucial when it comes to tyre repair in Willenhall. Tyres are meant to wear over time; poor driving habits exacerbate it further. As long as the cords or the surface appears intact, we will service any punctures. The tyre must also have a tread depth of at least 1.6mm. Plus, tyre puncture repair is dangerous and illegal in such cases.
  3. If the damaged area is not more than 6mm in diameter: Any puncture that has a diameter of 6mm or more cannot be repaired. Many car owners insist on it, but it risks on-road safety. Premier Tyres Plus follows general guidelines, and never knowingly takes risks.

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We have been widely recognised as being one of the best facilities for puncture repair in Willenhall. We will also diagnose if your car tyre is in proper shape when you arrive for an overall vehicular inspection, and inspect the spare wheel too.

You can also book an appointment with us online for tyre repair in Willenhall. We offer superb price packages sans any hidden charges. Our facility will save you both time and money.