Summer Tyres

Premier Tyres Plus is a prominent supplier of summer car tyres in Willenhall. We deal in summer tyres in all performance and price variants. There is no getting around the popularity of summer tyres in Willenhall, and indeed, the whole of Britain.

Being in the car service industry for years, we understand how crucial these tyres are for a motorist. With that in mind, we have stocked our inventory with the latest models of summer tyres from all the prominent manufacturers in the industry. They are available at the best prices that you’ll find anywhere in this region.

Why are summer tyres necessary?

The road and weather conditions in the UK during summers are considerably different from winters. Britain experiences warm summers with occasional rainfall. Car tyres need to adapt between dry and wet tarmac quite frequently during British summers.

Summer tyres have shallow grooves with full shoulder blocks to tackle this issue. It increases the contact patch of the tyres while aiding in hydroplaning resistance. The shallow grooves also help in dissipating the excess heat build-up which is common during summers.

Most of the summer tyres in our inventory are made from a harder compound of rubber that doesn’t lose its shape even in the most scorching heat. The added advantage of this characteristic of summer car tyres in Willenhall is that it makes these tyres extremely durable.

However, you must remember to switch summer tyres with their winter counterparts once the mercury plummets south of 7°C. The low temperature can cause the tyres to become stiff and develop cracks.

Summer tyres price in Willenhall redefined

Summer tyres are considered the standard car tyres in Willenhall. At Premier Tyres Plus, we understand the necessity of these tyres and hence, offer them at the most pocket-friendly prices to our customers.

Although it is practically impossible to pick out a single product out of our vast range and call it the best summer tyre in Willenhall. There are multiple contenders for that spot. Ultimately, it comes down to user preferences and requirements.

Here is a list of some of the premium summer tyres that we stock at our workshop.

  • Bridgestone Potenza S001
  • Michelin Pilot Sport 3
  • Continental ExtremeContact DW
  • Dunlop SP Sport Maxx

Purchase summer tyres from a dealer you can trust

Premier Tyres Plus is renowned throughout Willenhall and beyond for being reliable and customer-centric. Visit our workshop today to browse through an extensive selection of summer tyres. We also sell tyres online through our web store.