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The suspension system of a car is an elaborate assortment of various smaller elements such as shocks, struts and springs which absorb most of the impacts of the road. It ensures that you enjoy a smooth drive and don’t feel every bump. At Premier Tyres Plus, we offer a comprehensive suspension repair and servicing package at the most competitive price points.

Best suspension repair in Willenhall

Suspension malfunction is a prevalent problem in Britain. We tend to several suspension repair requests regularly. It’s critical that these issues are addressed at the earliest or they’ll have adverse consequences on several performance metrics of your car, including its fuel economy and handling.

The performance of your car tyres will also take a hit if the suspension malfunctions. It may add up to 2-3 metres to the braking distance of your car.

Bring your car to our garage for suspension repair in Willenhall at the first sign of trouble. Sitting on the issue will only exacerbate it, and potentially damage other parts of your car.

Symptoms of a failing suspension

For a regular driver, it may sometimes be challenging to diagnose suspension issues early. Given below are a few signs that are indicative of problems with the suspension system.

  • Misaligned wheels

Misaligned wheels are the most definite sign that you need a suspension service immediately. Automobile experts at Premier Tyres Plus recommend getting your wheel alignment inspected every 6 months or so.

  • Vehicle nosedives frequently

Another clear sign of suspension malfunction is that your vehicle tends to nosedive, especially when you apply hard brakes.

  • Vehicle tends to body roll

The suspension is also the reason behind your vehicle’s propensity to body roll. It is especially noticeable when you take steep turns. It is not only harmful to your car but also a credible safety threat to your road safety as well.

Premier Tyres Plus for the best suspension service

Bring your car to our garage for suspension repair in Willenhall whenever you notice any of these symptoms. We perform the following suspension services:

  • Wheel alignment
  • Shocks and struts replacements
  • Ball joint replacements
  • Spring recoiling

Feel free to call us before availing the service. We will be happy to clear any queries you might have