More than anything, Premier Tyres Plus is well-known for its collection of aftermarket spare car tyres in Willenhall. All our products are selected exclusively by our in-house experts after testing them thoroughly for quality and value-for-money.

As a professional car service garage, we understand the driving conditions of Willenhall inside and out and offer tyres to our clients accordingly. Because of our experience and reputation, car owners of this area trust us to recommend nothing short of the best.

We haven’t failed them yet!

So, visit our garage today or order your tyres online from our web store. Think nothing about the quality of the tyres we’ll supply to you; we deliver nothing but the finest.

Types of tyres in our inventory

There are multiple types of tyres fit for various purposes and conditions that we stock at our garage. The first thing that you need to determine is the season for which you plan to buy a set of tyres. There are three options available to you in that regard.

  1. Summer tyres: These tyres are made explicitly keeping the summer conditions of Britain in mind. They offer exceptional performance on both wet and dry tarmacs. Shallow grooves and full shoulder blocks are the most defining characteristics of these tyres.
  2. Winter tyres: Fit for the chilly and snowy winter conditions, winter tyres are made from a softer compound of rubber that offer additional grip on wet surfaces. They have pronounced grooves and many sipes spread across their entire body.
  3. All-season tyres: All-season tyres are the jack of all trades. They are equally proficient in both summers and winters. However, you shouldn’t use them when the weather is too harsh. They combine some features of both summer and winter tyres to deliver exceptional performance throughout the year.

We have both premium and cheap car tyres in Willenhall in all three categories.

Brands that we stock

The tyre industry is dominated by a handful of companies that have proven themselves to be effective over several decades. At Premier Tyres Plus, we store tyres from all these prominent manufacturers. Some names that you’ll find at our garage include:

  • Bridgestone
  • Michelin
  • Continental
  • Dunlop
  • Goodyear

Branded car tyres price in Willenhall is exceptionally competitive at our workshop. Whatever your budget, we are confident we have the products to fit that.

Buy tyres from those who understand cars

Premier Tyres Plus has years of experience in dealing with tyres. When you buy a tyre from us, you get the full advantage of that experience.

Visit us today or tyres online from our web store.