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At Premier Tyres Plus, we sell only the best quality automobile products. Dunlop tyres are one of the best performing tyres in the market. With their 127 years of pedigree, they have earned their position amongst the most premium brands.

Technological advances by the company

Dunlop is one of those brands, whose quality is validated by experts all over the world. That’s why if you have chosen to install Dunlop tyres in Willenhall, then it’s the right decision. Here are some of the technologies for which Dunlop tyres are famous for.

1. Noise Shield Technology

With this technology, Dunlop guarantees minimal decibel counts from their tyres by as much as 50%. It utilises a polyurethane foam layer to achieve a low noise threshold. The layer bonds to the tyre's inner surface and doesn't affect its performance in any way.

2. Specific bead seat system

With this design concept, a tyre's link between its sidewall and rim is reinforced. The advantages of it are –

  • Enhanced steering precision
  • Outstanding road feedback

3. Maximum Flange Shield (MFS)

Dunlop's signature rim protection system is a design feature that protects the rim flange. A profile of rubber envelopes the tyre's entire circumference, which creates a buffer zone for your wheels’ rims. MFS protects expensive allow wheels from damage due to kerbs.

4. Hybrid overlay technology

The technology promises reduced circumferential deformation when the tyre runs at high speed. With the application of this technology, Dunlop ensures that its tyres offer superior stability, even tread wear, and low tread erosion. So, if you are looking for tyres that offer longevity, then you must pick from Dunlop car tyres in Willenhall.

5. Silica-plus compound

A superior rubber compound, formulated with Dunlop’s motorsport experience. The technology results in superb acceleration, high traction, and low tread wear rate.

Along with the above technologies, Dunlop's rich history in tyre development is another reason our experts suggest car owners in Willenhall, to mount these tyres. The brand is the brainchild of John Boyd Dunlop, the inventor of pneumatic tyres.

Few tyre models by Dunlop

At the inventory of Premier Tyres Plus in Willenhall, you'll be able to find all kinds of Dunlop tyres. Here are a few tyre models by the company.

Sport Classic

  • Reinforced overlay material enables steering precision and high stability.
  • The latest construction and rubber compound enables superior grip and braking.

SP Winter Sport 4D

  • Lightweight construction material facilitates a vehicle's fuel efficiency.
  • Offers exceptional handling and braking in wintry road conditions, an ideal choice of Dunlop tyres in Willenhall for driving through snow and sleet.

Steerresponse 2

  • Presence of twin circumferential grooves enhances traction in wet conditions.
  • Rounded footprint helps to prevent aquaplaning.

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