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Tyre Manufacturers - Michelin Tyres

Michelin Tyre Company shares a 100-year-old history. Throughout the glorious centenary years, they've expanded to 19 countries worldwide. Today, Michelin Tyres are preferred by top automobile makers like BMW, Porsche, Ferrari, Lexus and many more.

Premier Tyres Plus is the only retailer to deal with Michelin Tyres in Willenhall exclusively. We offer innovation-backed, high-quality tyre brands like Michelin Tyres.

Michelin believes mobility is the backbone of our development. Innovation is the company's DNA, and they strive continually to improve their contribution by making their tyres last longer and perform better.

If you decide to buy Michelin tyres from Premier Tyres Plus, you’d not just buy great tyres. You’d be driving on those tyres that are preferred by drivers like Michael Schumacher and Lewis Hamilton.

We at Premier Tyres guarantee the best quality Michelin Tyres in Willenhall to meet your all requirements. Our tyre experts have handpicked some tyres for you –

  • Pilot Sport 3

This tyre from Michelin can be used in sports cars, sedans and SUVs. Using years of Michelin expertise, Pilot Sport 3 is designed for superb on-road traction, fuel efficiency and excellent tread life in arid conditions. This is an exclusive summer tyre known for its high durability and incredible ride quality.

  • Cross Climate+

This tyre can well be a one-stop solution for those who go for frequent road-trips. Its highly-directional tread pattern ensures stable handling even in the roughest of terrains. The tyre’s wide lateral grooves give it above-average hydroplaning resistance. This also makes it a perfect tyre for monsoons and usage in marshy lands of counties.

Our technicians suggest this tyre as a must-have for braving the European multi-terrain landscape. You could buy this tyre from our retail store. However, you could buy Michelin tyres online from our official website.

  • Alpine A4 ZP

The Alpine ZP is rated as one of the best Michelin tyres yet for wintry road conditions. This tyre offers a perfect balance of endurance and stability. Moreover, it has a self-supporting run-flat ability in case of punctures. Alpine A4 ZP can not only withstand freezing temperatures but can also encounter slippery wet roads.

  • Energy LX4

We, at Premier Tyres Plus, recommend Energy LX4 for your everyday usage. This tyre designed to be driven on a variety of driving situations including light rain or snowfall, the perfect all-purpose tyre. If you're deciding on purchasing this tyre, you're guaranteeing enhanced stability and a bump-free ride.

You can buy Energy LX4 from our retail store in Willenhall. However, we sell this and all other Michelin Tyres online from our official website.