Tyres Walsall

We, here at Premier Tyres Plus, extend our heartiest welcome to our community in the Walsall area. Premier Tyres Plus is one of the largest and the most renowned retailers of tyres Walsall and Willenhall. Our dedicated and passionate work has brought us this far, and we believe in keeping it this way. We owe it to the loyal customer base that has got us where we are today, and we are thankful to them

for choosing us. Don't just trust our reputation, make use of our services, and find out for yourself why that reputation is well earned.

We provide tyres: Our garage stocks the best quality tyres for every car model. We have a range of tyres that fit different variants of cars, including sedan, hatchback, and SUV. The tyres you eventually choose will best fit your vehicles without any further problems. We not only have an extensive collection of tyres but we also provide quality tyres from brands like Goodyear, Michelin, Dunlop, and Bridgestone.

Tyres for all weather:  As you may know, the weather in Willenhall, Walsall is ever-changing. Hence, it is required that drivers use different sets of tyres Walsall for different weather conditions. Our tyres are affordable and cater to the needs of all the weather conditions. We have a wide collection of winter and summer tyres that will suit your needs. While using summers and winters tyres, remember that the two tyre variants must never be used simultaneously. Doing so results in handling and cornering issues. Hence, mix-matching should be prohibited for your safety. When you come to our garage, we highly recommend you buy a set of four tyres to tap into their qualities thoroughly.

Wheel Services: We know how important it is to maintain your wheels and their conditions to increase the safety and stability of your car. Our experts make use of our hi-tech facility to align your wheels, and they also adequately attach weights to your wheels to balance them, if necessary.

Get Your MOT Done:  With our Genuine MOT testing, you can get your MOT Walsall done within minutes and save a fortune on false repairs recommendations by most of the garages. We are a verified MOT tester and abide by the rules. Our experts make use of our high tech facility to align your wheels and they also adequately attach weights to your wheels to balance them.

Car Services:

Our Facility not only sells tyres but also provide necessary car servicing, including:

  • Puncture repair: The next time you suffer from a punctured tyre, don’t worry; just bring it to us, and we will take care of the rest.
  • Suspension: Suspensions are required by your car to provide a high level of comfort and driving experience.
  • MOT repairs: It is unfortunate if you fail your MOT test. But don't worry; you don't have to waste your fuel to go to another garage for your MOT repair. We, here at Premier Tyres Plus, will do it for you.

Our other car services include - Exhausts, Batteries, Diagnostics, TPMS, Air conditioning, Wiper Blades and Bulbs Installations, and much more.

So, what are you waiting for? Book an appointment with us today, and experience the best car service in the Walsall, Willenhall area.

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