Winter Tyres

In the United Kingdom, whenever the temperature falls below 7°C, it is mandatory to use winter tyres. In freezing temperatures, summer or all-season wheels are not able to perform as well as they do throughout the other months. Naturally, most global tyre giants manufacture a wide gamut of winter tyres.

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Are winter tyres different?

In many ways, winter tyres are very different from other types. Here are some of the primary differences.

1. Snow car tyres in Willenhall have a softer rubber compound. It is a marked departure from summer or all-weather models. The soft rubber enables them to run faster on icy roads and still retain their supple nature.

Also, the rubber helps them to interlock with the surface too. That helps improve their traction and prolongs service life. Lastly, soft rubber helps in adding studs.

2. Winter wheels have superior aquaplaning abilities thanks to added grooves (or sipes) that are present on the external surface. A running tyre will invariably pick up moisture from the surface, especially in winters. These sipes help in dispersing the extra water from the tyres. Sipes also have another advantage: they help to grip the surface regardless of the amount of snow or rain present.

3. A deep tread pattern is a clear benefit of snow car tyres in Willenhall. In effect, deeper treads allow snow to accumulate in the cavities and prevents tyres from becoming too slick.

Such tread designs also compact snow and prevents slippage. Winter wheels generate excellent braking prowess even in the most challenging conditions when other tyre types are useless.

Buy winter tyres in Willenhall from Premier Tyres Plus

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We also store winter wheels with mud and snow, or M+S/M&S capabilities. That way, even if it snows extra in the areas where you live and drive, you will face no problem.

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