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Welcome to Premier Tyres Plus - Tyres Willenhall

Premier Tyres Plus located at the heart of Willenhall is a renowned car care centre and we sell high-quality tyres Willenhall. We have dedicated our professional lives to bring the best in automobile technology to the motorists of Willenhall and beyond.

In the many years that we have been in service, our status as a reliable and customer-friendly auto garage has only gained more wind. However, we do not ask you to judge us by reputation; pay us a visit and experience our services first-hand. You’ll see why that reputation is well-earned.

Tyres for Every Car

We offer our customers what is arguably the most extensive collection of car tyres Willenhall. It doesn’t matter to us whether you drive a sedan or an SUV, a Ferrari or a Ford, we have something for everyone.

Our inventory of spare tyres encompasses some of the biggest names in the tyre industry internationally. Goodyear, Michelin, Dunlop and Bridgestone are some of the names that adorn our shelves.

Tyres for Every Season

Inhabitants of Willenhall are well-aware of the fickle weather of this place. It warrants the use of different sets of tyres during different times of the year. Premier Tyres Plus stocks tyres in all seasonal variants for that precise reason.

At our garage, you’ll find summer, winter and all-season tyres Willenhall. Note that you should never use two different types of tyres simultaneously. It decreases your control over the car. When you come to buy tyres from us, you should preferably buy in sets of four or at least a pair for corresponding wheels.

Wheel Alignment and Balancing

We are not only a tyre retailer but also an essential tyre service provider. For the uninitiated, it is always recommended to check the alignment and balance of wheels while mounting a new tyre.

We use professional tools and techniques to perform tyre balancing and wheel alignment in Willenhall.

Puncture Repairs

Retailing new tyres might be our speciality, but we also tend to damaged and punctured tyres with equal fervour. We perform puncture repair in Willenhall fully complying with the British Standards laid out by the Department for Transport.

Exhaust and Battery

Our exhaust and battery service are also hailed as one of the best in this region. Faulty exhaust and dying battery are significant causes of concern for every car owner. However, our service ensures that they are fully fit and operational by the time you leave our garage.

If these parts are completely damaged, we will even replace them for you using OEM grade spare parts.

The Time to Act is Now

Are you looking for a premium set of tyres for your car? The time for waiting is over. Come on over to Premier Tyres Plus and get your hands on the most impressive collection of tyres Willenhall.

Hop on to our Contact page for contact details. Get in touch today!